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So, what about Wedinator?

So, there’s this website all about tearing down people’s weird weddings. And they feature a lot of photos lifted from Offbeat Bride. Here’s why I don’t really care.

Duplicate It Yourself: the dark side of DIY

Here’s the scenario: you’re looking for wedding ideas online. You find something you like, but it costs more than you want to spend. What do you do? And when does DIY cross the line from inspiration to duplication?

Can I share my own wedding photos? Copyright, Creative Commons, and your wedding photos

Academic Librarian, Copyright Specialist and Tribesmaid Mollyali has written an impressive post on copyright issues and how they relate to your wedding photos. Read on and learn!

The ethics of a cheap off-shore wedding dress

I think that stealing a wedding dress design and having it made in China (in a place that is probably a sweatshop) is really unethical. It upsets me, as it both screws the original designer (who is probably a creative type who you would want to hang out with) and the workers … all for a dress you will wear once.

Then again, I am not poor, and I can afford to pay the designer direct for some of the dresses I like and I will check that they are not made unethically.

Am I just being a judgmental bitch cos I have the money to “do the right thing” here? Am I assuming that people have not thought about these issue, but actually they have and are fine with it?