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Thinking of wearing your All-Stars at your wedding? We’ve featured lots of brides and grooms wearing Converse shoes over the years… everybody especially loves custom Converse!

The fallacy of offbeat trends

I’m confused by the “trends” that have been emerging with Offbeat Bride. To me, it feels like the concept behind the book and the site are supposed to be “Offbeat = Personally Expressive,” but lately it’s been more of “Offbeat = Red Dress, Birdcage Veil, & Sneakers.” The message seems like it’s getting lost. Instead […]

Black wedding dress

Not only were there a lot of Converse All-Stars worn at this wedding, but they got married by a monk wearing sneakers. I did an interview with this bride about how she picked her black dress right here.

Kat & James’ punk rock handfasting

Members of the OBT already know Kat — she’s one of my beloved moderators! Here’s the full story on her awesome Solistice wedding The offbeat bride: Kat, bookseller and OBT moderator Her offbeat partner: James, writer Location & date of wedding: My dad & step-mum’s house, Lantzville, BC. June 21, 2008, Summer Solstice What made […]

Grocery store wedding photos

So, you met your future spouse when you worked together at a grocery store. What do your wedding photos look like? This, of course: More photos of Lindsay & Mike over here.

All-Star wedding

Everyone loves Chucks at a wedding! More pics of this All-Star wedding over here.

These bridesmaids will cut you

The Bad-ass bridemaids of the day award clearly goes to this girl-gang of lovelies rocking their black-bowed dresses, Converse low-tops, and squadron of tats. And the way they’re flanking the groom, they’ve made it clear — you mess with the bride, you mess with us. Check out the rest of the shots from Courtney’s wedding. […]