Briana, Joshua, & Tony's stories and songs love triangle wedding

With this wedding, we're getting a two-fer: a legal ceremony between a bride and a groom, and a handfasting ceremony between that bride and groom and their partner. It's all about the tear-y groom, the cake-saving groom, the bride in a gorgeous blue dress, and three people totally in love. And don't miss the tears-welling-like-mad triple kiss!


Liv & Dan's Polish vegan wedding in a castle

Pink details and crystal bling meets castles and Cthulhu. Add in some traditional elements and a bit of Game of Thrones, and you've got a crafty, DIYed wedding to make everyone have a good ol' time. And then there's "Shenanigans Box" and a Stay-Puft Marshmallow man with which to contend. We may not make it out of here, but we'll go down dancing!


New Jersey's Dennis Pike Photography's images are so stunning I can't believe they're real

I can't stop staring at the images from New Jersey-based wedding photographer Dennis Pike. Seriously, if I hadn't seen his blog posts full of real wedding pics, I would have sworn these were stylized shoots. Our sponsor Dennis Pike takes some of the most beautiful wedding photos totally on-the-fly, and he could do the same for your wedding. But first, you won't believe some of these images…


Brooke & Jon's elegantly 8-bit Mario wedding

These two super gamers embraced Super Mario for a pretty damned super, 8-bit-inspired wedding! We're talking a Mario photo booth complete with props, fire flower bouquets, homemade cupcakes, and even the bride's kick-ass 1-Up nails! Plus, you'll love their card box. Let's just say it involves a piranha plant and some special effect noises.


Andrea & Steve's laid-back Mario-themed budget wedding

Old skool Nintendo details abound in this bright and happy state park wedding. We've got a handmade Mario brick block card box, a Mario and Peach cake with baby mushroom cupcakes all around, and cactus favors which fit right into the theme. But it wasn't all just gamer hijinks: sweet vows and a super meaningful ring made it all very romantic. Oh, and you'll LOVE this pair's unity ceremony!