Love and compromise: how an Offbeat Bride and a traditional groom make it work

While wedding planning is lots of fun, it can also be stressful, especially when the each partner has different ideas of what the wedding should look like. While I try very hard not to subscribe to the Wedding Industrial Complex's idea of "everything is about me, me, me." Sometimes it's hard to compromise. Sometimes I get pouty and selfish, maybe even demanding, and in those moments, I am not loving my fiancé.


How to be an offbeat bridesmaid for a traditional bride

I know this is a space for Offbeat Brides, and not so long ago I was an one, but is there any advice to be had for those of us who are offbeat bridesmaids for more traditional brides? When my most recent engaged friend asked me to be a part of her day as a bridesmaid I was thrilled! But now… some things are making my uncomfortable. How do I explain to my bride that I want to be a part of her day, but don't want to compromise myself in the process?


Toss two-player plushies instead of garters and flowers

I am squicked out by the idea of my husband reaching up my skirts to remove a garter to throw to the male people of the reception crowd. But he thinks "tossing stuff at your guests" is, apparently, one of those things that needs to stay in the program. So here's what I decided to do…


So you feel like you gave in: 3 ways to bounce back from wedding planning disappointments

You can rest assured that it's going to happen at some point during your wedding planning process: that perfect venue for your vintage submarine-themed wedding is going to fall through. You battle with your in-laws to try to keep the guestlist under 100 people, and you find yourself putting stamps on 200 invitations. Your dreams of locally-sourced, delicately spiced catering is going to be replaced by your mother's "beef or chicken" menu that reminds you of funeral food (true story!).