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A little bit vintage, a little bit nerdy at this intimate geeky wedding

A little bit vintage, a little bit nerdy at this intimate geeky wedding

A historical museum, a teeny bit of Star Wars and Harry Potter, and a fab steak dinner for a small crowd of loved ones… this intimate geeky wedding is simple wedding #goals. The bride’s sage advice about picking the right wedding party members is key. Don’t miss the reason for the last dance, too. It’s REAL and it’s awesome.

Monica & Clint’s literary garden wedding

This pair had a big surprise just two weeks after getting engaged: the groom was being deployed. And so started the long-distance planning (Florida to Ohio) with a deployed groom to boot! But you’d never know it from the looks of this garden wedding with gorgeous views, literary details, and a superhero ring bearer.

Betsy & Seth’s unexpectedly steampunk DIYed handfasting

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got an unexpectedly steampunk wedding with pumpkin wine chillers, kilts, and a fabulous handfasting. Oh, and their favorite moment is one of those that will totally make you say “awww.”

Tara & Chuck’s intimate art gallery budget wedding

Two months to plan and catering-phobic? Now there’s a challenge. But this pair came up with a plan and managed to get amazing pasta and NOM-worthy desserts to their guests’ tummies. They also learned a hard lesson that combining flowers and mini-fridge freezers spells flower disaster. But trust me, none of that made this tiny affair any less awesome.

Paisley & Gene’s Coney Island-themed carnival of love

If Paisley and Gene couldn’t go to Coney Island, Paisley and Gene brought Coney Island to them! Complete with sweet rides and sweet treats.

This dawn cave wedding had a $100 budget!

Here’s what I can tell you about this wedding: it happened at dawn… in a cave… and the budget was $100.