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This is our archive of colorful wedding inspiration, which includes a ton of colorful wedding dresses — in fact, we’ve got archives for every color you can imagine, including RAINBOW!

Three cultures combine at this radiant wedding

Three cultures combine at this radiant sculpture park wedding in Seattle

Neena and Albert come from Chinese, Indian, and American backgrounds, so their multicultural wedding at Olympic Sculpture Park was full of color, sentimental touches, and a blend of traditions and decor that took our breath away.

Here are all the details of this sculpture park wedding in Seattle…

Pink hair + rainbows abound at this vividly geeky wedding

We seriously can’t get over the matching septum piercings on these cuties. Oh, and let’s not forget the groom’s pink hair and the bride’s matching eye shadow! SO.CUTE. That’s not even the start of this fabulously colorful and vividly geeky wedding in Ohio. Rainy, beautiful, meaningful, epic. That’s how we’re feeling about this wedding and you will, too…

A Dia de los Muertos-themed wedding in the Arizona mountains

A Dia de los Muertos-themed Sedona wedding in the Arizona mountains

Molly and Chris are from Ohio and decided to have a destination wedding in Sedona, AZ. Their main goal was just to be married among family and friends without a lot of “hoopla,” as they put it. A handful of the twenty or so guests invited helped set up the tent with traditional Mexican-themed decor such as sugar skulls, colorful flowers, and masks. In fact, all of the guests received masks as favors!

Let’s explore this gorgeous Sedona wedding…

The color-filled wedding inspiration we all deserve

Unicorns, confetti, & rainbow cake: the colorful wedding inspiration we all deserve

When we heard about “confetti pong” in this shoot, we knew we were in for something colorful. Little did we know that this colorful wedding inspiration would have unicorns galore, a rainbow cake, super trendy unicorn toasts, pastel macarons, hair glitter, face paint, and some of the most fabulous glitter-meets-rainbow wedding fashion ever. There are ideas to steal for everyone (dapper brides included!).

Don’t miss the triangle color explosion invitations, the unicorn hot chocolates, and the mismatched decor of all our dizziest daydreams…

This LED rainbow dress is a magical display of lights and color

LEDs and rainbow paint make magic out of a simple white wedding dress

This fantastical LED rainbow dress by Evey Clothing is our new EVERYTHING. We just did a roundup of painted wedding dresses, so there’s definitely a trend afoot. Evey filled us in on the process of creating the dress and where it’s been traveling since…

A gorgeous wedding in India with so many outfit changes and decor that will blow your mind

A colorful Indian wedding with so many outfit changes and decor that will blow your mind

Set against the backdrop of lush green hills in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, Saurabh and Sridevi’s colorful wedding was nothing short of a fantastical affair. Both Sri and Sau come from a fashion background and rocked it with their color-coordinated looks, origami, kettles, flowers in glass buckets, and quirky signboard. This was a fun-filled colorful Indian wedding with so many stealable ideas.