Shkehlaht Belit & Ahe’s sustainable wholistic sacred union ceremony

Looking for inspiration for your vegan wedding? Sustainable wedding, wholistic wedding? This wedding will blow your mind. With the whole family clad in handmade tie-dyed garments, no vendors, and completely DIYed decor, ceremony space, and food, this is one of those celebrations that they can totally own.

Allison & Richard’s warm fall wedding on Black Friday

A Black Friday wedding with autumn colors and artistic details? I’m in. Celebrate Thanksgiving (and the craziest shopping day of the year) with this Fall wedding in Ohio featuring caramel apple favors, DIY photo booth, and one gorgeous couple.

Emily & Craig’s elegant DIY bistro teeny tiny wedding

This wedding proves that all a bride needs to fashion a killer veil is a salad bowl and sheer will. Stack on some bistro grub, crossword puzzles, and major DIY-cred and you’ve got yourself a party.

Sarah Snook’s cemetery wedding

I know I said before that your wedding is not a contest, and I still very firmly believe this. That said, I have yet to see a wedding as fabulously goth as Sarah Snook’s. First, read this article to get the story on Sarah and her husband Chase’s cemetery wedding in Cleveland. Then, head over […]