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The challenges of having a Humanist wedding in the UK (from an officiant's perspective!)

The challenges of having a Humanist wedding in the UK (from an officiant’s perspective!)

In the UK, it isn’t easy to have a secular wedding. Religious weddings have a section focusing on the couple, but there’s also a big focus on their religion. With 71% of young people in Britain describing themselves as non-religious, this isn’t preferred for a lot of couples.

Here are the challenges of having a Humanist wedding in the UK…

Gay Marriage is now legal in the UK, but should we stick with the civil partnership?

Gay marriage has just been made legal in the UK. Prior to this, gay and lesbian couples could only have a civil partnership but not be married. All the civil partnership ceremonies I have been to were weddings in all but petty legal technicality and in each case the registrar performing them did so exactly in the spirit of their being weddings. I am due to be civilly partnered (rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?) to my female partner next year. When we booked our civil partnership this year, gay marriage was not legal. Now that they are, what should we choose?

Diane & Nicolas’ pseudo-Tudor performance and games wedding

The bride wears a rad crimson cloak and walks down the aisle to… 16-bit game music! This French couple goes Brit for a super fusion of theater, singers, and get-to-know-you games, all with a Tudor influence. Yeah, you should see it.

Laura & Guthrie’s eco-friendly family-centered wedding

Dear Earth, Happy Earth Day! We love you and are featuring this eco-fabulous bride and eco-stylin’ groom just for you. Love, Offbeat Bride

Annie & Dan’s vegan geek chic wedding

This week at Offbeat Bride is meat- and dairy-free — it’s Vegan Week! Day 1 of Vegan Week bring us Annie & Dan’s vintage 50s, cruelty-free wedding complete with vegan Italian food. Yum!

Xenia & Rinat’s gothic, winter, Russian wedding

In honor of Russian New Year’s (the week between New Year’s and Orthodox Christmas), we’re having an Eastern European theme week! Day 4 of Eastern European week brings us the wedding that inspired the whole theme — Xenia & Rinat’s amazing wedding! -Becca