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Elyse & Steve’s wands-vs-sledgehammers literary wedding

What do sledgehammers, croquet, and Harry Potter have in common? This wedding! A gorgeous outdoor wedding with Jewish traditions is capped off by an epic battle of wand versus sledgehammer. So pick a handmade wand, get sorted into a house, and join us in checking out this Midwest wedding with tons of charm (and magical charms!).

Kelley & Mitch’s bicycles, acrobats, and neon formal wear wedding

We previewed this couple’s AMAZING neon bicycle part centerpieces before, but little did we know that we’d also get to see an acrobatic silks performance, an amazingly visual contrast with the venue (that we love!), and even more photos of the centerpiece works of art! Come look and see the neon splendor!

Rachel & Dave’s urban clock tower dance party

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today’s wedding isn’t technically steam-y, but it does have lots of clock-y goodness, so we couldn’t resist including it! Just wait until you see this venue! Five floors of awesome views? Yes, please. You’ll also never guess how this pair chose their wedding date.

Raina & Michelle’s elegant Disney + Star Wars wedding

We teased this Disney-meets-Star Wars wedding last week and you guys demanded to see MOAR! From their hand-cut rainbow ketubah, Disney and Star Wars mashup decor, lightsaber cake cutters, “Unbreakable Vow” ring book, and overall makes-me-want-to-hug-them adorableness, you’re going to luuuurve it. Oh, and wait until you see how they memorialized their passed loved ones at the ceremony. It didn’t go quite as planned!

Breanna & Thaddeus’ robotic rock’n’ roll wedding

Robots and aliens have invaded weddings this week! It’s making me want to break it down in a binary solo. Today’s couple’s robo-invitation theme spread into their photo booth, place settings, and sweetheart table! You’ll also want to check out the suited-up ladies of the wedding party, the amazing wire bouquets, and the sweet-ass vows.

Bitty Kewpie dolls, a tiny love note, and huge love for this wedding

Lauren’s dress is sexy as hell, but have you seen what Brandin is wearing? Lay it on me, pink and tartan! Their wedding also had the ultimate-traditional-fun-combo of jumping the broom and a rockin’ hora. And wait until you see their Kewpie doll cake toppers canoodling under a mini chuppah. On top of it all is the sweetest, tiniest love note delivered from Brandin to Lauren before the ceremony.