Elyse & Steve's wands-vs-sledgehammers literary wedding

What do sledgehammers, croquet, and Harry Potter have in common? This wedding! A gorgeous outdoor wedding with Jewish traditions is capped off by an epic battle of wand versus sledgehammer. So pick a handmade wand, get sorted into a house, and join us in checking out this Midwest wedding with tons of charm (and magical charms!).


Rachel & Dave's urban clock tower dance party

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today's wedding isn't technically steam-y, but it does have lots of clock-y goodness, so we couldn't resist including it! Just wait until you see this venue! Five floors of awesome views? Yes, please. You'll also never guess how this pair chose their wedding date.


Raina & Michelle's elegant Disney + Star Wars wedding

We teased this Disney-meets-Star Wars wedding last week and you guys demanded to see MOAR! From their hand-cut rainbow ketubah, Disney and Star Wars mashup decor, lightsaber cake cutters, "Unbreakable Vow" ring book, and overall makes-me-want-to-hug-them adorableness, you're going to luuuurve it. Oh, and wait until you see how they memorialized their passed loved ones at the ceremony. It didn't go quite as planned!