A high-low dress at a rainy wedding keeps things sexy, not soggy

Sasha and Albert have known each other since high school. They live in New York City, their families live in New Jersey, and everyone traveled to Vermont for the couple's wedding last August. North Hero was a favorite vacation spot for Sasha and Albert, and it certainly doesn't look to me like they minded braving a chilly, rainy day at the lake! And how absolutely spot on is Sasha's dress for a tall bride on a drizzly day? Showing off the legs + not worrying about a soggy hem = winning!


Author of Walking Dead novels serenades his bride with a harmonica solo at their wedding

Where are my Walking Dead fans?! Jay Bonansinga is one of the authors of The Walking Dead novels, and we got to take a peek at his wedding! He and Jill (a photographer from Chicago) got married in an Art Deco theater in Cincinnati last March. The classy vibe of the old theater fits their wedding like a glove — that rich red in the seating and the lighting, Jill's on-point, red, tea-length dress with black lace, the jazz band for the reception…


Elyse & Steve's wands-vs-sledgehammers literary wedding

What do sledgehammers, croquet, and Harry Potter have in common? This wedding! A gorgeous outdoor wedding with Jewish traditions is capped off by an epic battle of wand versus sledgehammer. So pick a handmade wand, get sorted into a house, and join us in checking out this Midwest wedding with tons of charm (and magical charms!).


Rachel & Dave's urban clock tower dance party

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today's wedding isn't technically steam-y, but it does have lots of clock-y goodness, so we couldn't resist including it! Just wait until you see this venue! Five floors of awesome views? Yes, please. You'll also never guess how this pair chose their wedding date.