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Ride the rosé trend with these sparkling rosé signature cocktails

Ride the rosé trend with these rosé signature cocktails

If you’re excited that rosé is having its day in the sun then you’re in my camp. I love a pretty pink and sweet drink. I’m a cliché, what can I say?

Let’s be cliché together and add one of these pretty (and delicious!) rosé signature cocktails to our wedding drink repertoire, shall we?

Surprises abound at this intimate candlelit wedding (planned in weeks!)

Jeff and Don made their marriage official surrounded by their 10 closest friends in a candle-lit living room after 14 years together. They had only decided to get married a few weeks earlier, and every part of the evening was a collaboration of their guests.

Are you ready to see this intimate candlelit wedding? You know you are!

Oh deer, this holiday fingerprint guest book is full of major cheer

Oh deer, this holiday fingerprint guest book is full of major cheer

It’s time to start trimming the trees and mantles with your decorations of choice, and we found a seriously cute addition for your winter wedding decor. This holiday fingerprint guest book would make a cheerful last-minute winter wedding addition, right?

Winter flora on parade: 16 of our favorite winter wedding bouquets

See that fabulously rustic winter-themed bouquet up there? The bride, Fern, was totally at the whim of her florist — who just took the idea of a winter bouquet and ran with it. Sometimes when you let creative folks free, you get some seriously amazing results, like some of the the winter wedding bouquets you’re about to eat through your eyeballs. We’ve got red with green, sparkly crystals, paper flowers, GIANT paper flowers, stunning brooch bouquets, clean and simple white arrangements, multicolored succulents, winter wildflowers, and so much more. Let’s get our flora on.

An intimate rustic Christmas wedding with a baby reveal

This pair had three months to plan their pre-baby Christmas-themed wedding in Connecticut with craft beer, awesomely festive DIYed decor all in a beautiful converted barn venue. But our favorite part was their giant Christmas present box that turned out to be a surprise gender reveal. Warning: there’s a spoiler in the first photo! Come take a peek at this most awesome gender reveal wedding.

Lowcountry meets India wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

South Carolina Lowcountry meets the colors of India in this two-day wedding

Elizabeth grew up in Charleston and wanted to incorporate the classic, southern style of the Lowcountry. Sriram grew up in India and they both wanted to make sure that his culture was well-represented. So we’re talking the addition of a mandap for the ceremony, a two-day split celebration, and lots of Southern-inspired holiday details.