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A Blessing On Your House: Decoding weird wedding language with a queer Christian minister

Words have histories, and the words that go along with wedding ceremonies have millennia of symbolism behind them.

But those of us with a progressive or non-traditionalist streak sometimes wrestle with those ancient meanings as we seek to queer our rituals and find words that reflect the humanity-uplifting equal partnerships we want to build…

A reverend’s thoughts on purity culture and boudoir photos

As a reverend who officiates a lot of weddings, I can say with certainty that purity culture is alive and well in conservative Christian circles… and that doing boudoir photography is one way I’ve chosen to push back.

A modern Tuscan black tie wedding with plenty of DIY and style

A modern Tuscan black tie wedding with plenty of DIY and style

The theme to our wedding was modern, Tuscan black tie. We had champagne taste on a beer and butter budget. We splurged on the picture perfect venue and catering, but everything else you see was DIY. I hand crafted everything from flowers to centerpieces and signs to decor. They say every wedding has at least one planning nightmare. Mine happened to be the biggest nightmare for me ever. The store I purchased my dress from went BANKRUPT and closed its doors just eight weeks before my wedding!

A fairylit wedding in the woods (with flower kitty and folk dancing)

“It was a woodsy, naturalistic fall-themed wedding with twinkling lights all around. The magpie aesthetic showcased the uniqueness of found items, like an old chandelier hanging from a tree, a tiny bicycle covered with ivy, a table made from an old tree stump. The setup followed the natural curvature of the forest, which led to an asymmetrical seating pattern and the bridal party coming in from the side.” Just from that you can tell this wedding is going to be SOMETHING. Get ready to be wowed by the beauty of this fairylit wedding in the woods…

A Renaissance fantasy Christmas wedding (aka "A Lord of the Rings Christmas Special!")

A Renaissance fantasy Christmas wedding (aka “A Lord of the Rings Christmas Special!”)

When people asked about our wedding, we joked that the theme was, "Lord of the Rings Christmas Special." Shane is a huge Tolkein nerd, and we both love Renaissance faires and fantasy. Our wedding was in December, his favorite color is red, and mine is green, so throwing Christmas in just made sense. It came together beautifully.

Be swept away by this woodland backyard wedding

Be swept away by this woodland backyard Kentucky wedding

Jordynn and Cole’s wedding day was nestled in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, in a backyard which belongs to the bride’s family. Vintage windows framed a cleared out portion of the woods, while chairs and church pews lined the rows leading up to a handmade cross altar. Family photos could be seen nailed to the trunks of trees, wildflowers were strategically hidden throughout the area, and the aisle consisted of rugs varying in size, shape, and color. It was truly a magical setting.

Let’s peek at this woodland backyard Kentucky wedding…