Mara & Bill's ultimate electronic geek wedding

You will totally geek out on this amazing LED and electroluminescent wire-covered wedding. Think centerpieces made from a 3D printer, a circuit ceremony involving a soldering iron, LED lights glowing from within their outfits, and even jewelry fashioned from circuit boards. These electrical engineers totally know their shit, and shared shocking skills with us.


Jodi & Kim's glow sticks and bling wedding

This wedding has an official "flower disbursement" and "ring security agents." Basically, they mean business. On top of that, a dog walked down the aisle, a fish was memorialized, and glow sticks featured prominently in the unity ceremony. I think we're in for some fun. Oh, and you have to read about the jaw-dropping encounter with their first videographer. It was NUTS.


Anna & Russell's scientific gothic humanist wedding

A rockin' red dress, a stack of chocolatey brownies, and a museum celebrating all things science? Check, check, double check! The Humanist ceremony upstairs in a library full of scientific texts, the reception downstairs among funky science installations, and a giant statue of a favorite scientist for photos ops round out this wedding's fabulous setting. Read on for more… for SCIENCE!