How to donate your wedding leftovers to shelters or animal rescues

Looking for a way to save your leftover wedding food from going to waste without having to haul it back to your house for a three-day binge? You can actually donate your unspoiled leftovers. Your caterer may already be doing it, in fact. If they're following safety standards and in communication with coordinating shelters, it can totally work. Let's talk about how to donate your wedding leftovers.


Charities, homemade meals, and day-of help: SoKind is a wedding registry of a seriously different flavor

A lot of our readers are attuned much more to not acquiring a bunch of stuff due to being already established, more into recycling and charitable giving, and being generally more, well, offbeat in their gifting views — whatever they may be. SoKind is a registry with options for charitable donations, child care, household help, cooking lessons or homemade dinners, volunteer hours for an organization, carbon offsets, handmade artwork, day-of event help, and even secondhand gifts.

Celebrate Christmas, help Syria, and win a free photo shoot from Edinburgh's Lauren McGlynn

You've heard me gush about the incredible wedding photography talent that is our sponsor Lauren McGlynn. This time when we catch up with our Edinburgh-based wedding photographer friend, we're going to be doing something different… telling you all about her Christmas advent calendar blogging project that raises money for Syrian refugees. There are also prizes involved, including the chance to win a two hour photo shoot of your choice!


Have your wedding in the Colorado rainforest with Butterfly Pavilion

Colorado's Butterfly Pavilion is a non-profit organization fostering an appreciation of invertebrates, while educating the public about the importance of the conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world. Butterfly Pavilion is also an awesome wedding venue and an Offbeat Bride sponsor! Let's take a virtual tour of this lush wonderland, while we discuss all your offbeat wedding options at Butterfly Pavilion, shall we?