Two rings to rule them all: Our short Tolkien-inspired ceremony script

This is our short and sweet Tolkien-inspired ceremony script that even included a Pokémon reference. It's non-denominational and gender-neutral, which gives it a lot of flexibility. We included an introduction, a portion for honoring our departed friends and family, vows, placeholders for readings, a ring exchange, and our declaration of marriage.


Keep it cosmic AND gender-neutral with this space-themed ceremony script (+ READINGS!)

As a queer person, it was important to me to have a ceremony that reflected our values while avoiding language that was cis- or hetero-centric. Our spiritual and philosophical practices and beliefs include both Christianity and Buddhism, and we both feel strongly about the value of secular institutions. On top of this, our wedding was space-themed! With all these things in mind, we decided to write the gender-neutral space-themed ceremony from scratch.