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Trying to write your wedding ceremony script? Or are you acting as an officiant at a friend’s wedding? We’ve got unique, modern, and funny wedding ceremony scripts you get inspiration from for your wedding day! We also suggest reading Wedding Ceremony 101 to get a feel for the general structure… and then check the examples below to get some inspiration!

Surprise wedding ideas, venues, and ceremony script wording!

Are surprise weddings a thing? OH YES INDEED THEY ARE! We’ve featured a whole bunch of surprise weddings and today we’re going to round up some of our favorite inspiration for you… from the excuse for the surprise wedding, to a few venue ideas, to even some wording for your surprise wedding ceremony script…

Wiccan handfasting ceremony script with crystals and a smoke cleanse

When Carson and Isaac shared their barefoot Wiccan micro-wedding with us, we were so touched by their Wiccan handfasting ceremony script that we knew it needed it’s own post! Written and performed by Carson’s close friend, we appreciate how this script seamlessly ties in all the natural elements and leaves room for personal stories from the officiant. If you’re planning a Wiccan handfasting ceremony, this script is a beautiful jumping off point!

A Viking ceremony script for the ages

This couple did the research to make sure the language was true to the Viking era! Their ceremony script is just as immersive and fun as their actual Viking wedding, and set the tone for an epic evening of medieval celebrations.

A non-possessive and nontraditional handfasting wedding ceremony script

Mx. Pucks found that most wedding ceremony scripts were extremely gendered and swayed towards monogamy and one true love. So they decided to write their own non-possessive and nontraditional handfasting ceremony script.

Nerdy vows & stunning views at this intimate Savannah nature preserve wedding

This Declaration of Support is a great way to encourage wedding guest participation

It can be such a treat to find meaningful ways for your wedding guests to participate in your ceremony. You want your guests laughing? YES. You want your guests crying? YES. Finding ways to encourage wedding guest participation is something we’ve written about before, but here’s one more way to get your guests involved: a declaration of support! Here’s the wording that Offbeat Bride readers Emily & Joel used in their wedding ceremony…

This humanist wedding ceremony script has a surprise Rick Roll

We knew the minute we saw this humanist wedding ceremony script that Lauren and Sean wrote with their Humanist officiant, Leigh Bradley, that it had to be shared with y’all. If nothing else, the Rick Rolling is solid gold, but this one also includes several lovely readings and a “Three Things” section, where the couple […]