Chic-as-hell vintage lamps as centerpiece decor

Vanessa and Octavia had their industrial garden party wedding at the super industrial-chic venue, Tap Architecture in Oklahoma City. Our favorite part was their centerpiece decor that made their already gorgeously rough interior even more vintage-fabulous. The pair re-painted and re-covered all the lamps and lampshades used as centerpieces, cut custom fabric as table runners, and collected old books as decor. It was a labor of love that made us swoon for the homey vibe.


Up the fiber content of your wedding with these kale floral arrangements

A long time ago, I wrote a reactionary post called "Fuck yeah, kale bouquets." It was a reaction to people talking shit about my favorite lettuce, and some people's choices to have it featured prominently in their weddings.

Currently, I am planning a wedding, and I still feel strongly about the power of kale and it's rightful place in weddings. So much so, that I've been rounding up so much kale wedding inspiration…


Steal this interactive LEGO centerpiece idea

I was worried that people would think our LEGO-themed wedding was more like a 10-year-old's birthday party. I was really excited about our centerpieces being vases full of LEGO bricks so guests could interact with them and build things, but I was also scared that the guests wouldn't really get it.


24-carat style: this gold wedding decor is the real deal

If there's one trend in home decor AND in weddings that I'm seriously digging, it's gold details. I just… love gooooold. What, I can't pull out a 14-year-old reference. Oh fine. At least we can all agree that Missy and Ryan's gold and pink decor is seriously lovely and worthy of ogling while bathing in gold leaf. Or, you know, while just avoiding work at your desk. Let's peek at their 24-carat-themed gold wedding decor.