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Cemetery weddings aren’t just for Halloween or goth weddings — we’ve featured tons of gorgeous cemetery wedding venues in cities like New Orleans and Las Vegas, and have a ton of cemetery wedding photos from real weddings for you get ideas and inspiration from.

An evening wedding with a spiral aisle and both Pagan and Native American traditions

Kate and Danyael had a gorgeous evening ceremony at the outdoor mausoleum at the Inglewood Park Cemetery, with guests seated in a spiral(!!). The rituals were a combination of Pagan and Shamanic traditions, owing to Kate’s observance of Wicca and Danyael’s Native American ancestry.

This bride was carried to the altar in a coffin!

How do you walk down the aisle when your theme is “Till Death do Us Part” and you’re getting married in an Northern California cemetery? If you’re Kristen, you surprise the hell out of your groom by entering in a coffin carried by the groomsmen.

Yeah, yeah: I know LAST week was our week for spooky weddings, but trust: you’re going to want to see Kristen and Joe’s sweetly macabre video. It’s way more heartwarming than the title of this post suggests.

A zombie masquerade with Waldo and a disembodied finger (aka a Halloweeny Monday Montage)

The Halloween wedding of “Zombie and Vamps” had an excellent guest book in the form of a hand-drawn illustration. And you know what jack-o-lanterns in the Monday Montage means: HALLOWEEN WEEK IS HERE! Now on to the best spooky, creepy, and gory submissions from the Offbeat Bride Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe.

Jessica & David’s offbeat lite meets piñatas and Halloween wedding

A reluctant bride comes full circle in accepting her marriage starting with their awesome Halloween wedding. This couple managed to combine a cemetery, costume favors, piñatas, and a little bit of offbeat lite tradition into this ghoulish party.

The bridal party wore fangs, the officiant dressed as Dark Oberon, and the bride ended up in her sister’s dress. Craziness ensues.

Coney Island wedding with a surprise from the family dog

Bay and Juan were married at Greenwood Cemetery and then they performed for their guests in Coney Island. But not before they got a surprise message from the family dog!

Reinventing the tuxedo with offbeat grooms

It’s time for a little inappropriate staring and offbeat groom ogling. This one is dedicated to grooms who are reinventing the tuxedo — top hats, tails, goggles, and even some rubber.