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Kathleen & Lucky’s traditional 1950s wedding

This pair is a self-described June and Ward Cleaver queer couple, which is just rad. The wedding itself mirrored this with its 1950s-style traditional vows and style. They also found time to sneak off during the reception for a little alone time, which was not missed by the hooting and hollering crowd.

Our beach and buttons veggie wedding

On top of the couple’s awesome ink and gorgeous venue (with carousel!), there was also a beach just made for dipping. Not only did the groom’s guys take the plunge, the bride ended up swimming too, dress and all! With a button-y bouquet and vegetarian menu, this was never destined to be your typical beach-side soiree.

Camias Jewelry Designs: bridal accessories right out of Renaissance, Celtic lore, and fairytale epics

If you’re having an Elvish, Celtic, or whimsical wedding theme (like Lord of the Rings!), Camias Jewelry Designs would be the PERFECT addition to your outfit. And if you’re thinking “there’s something vaguely familiar about Camias Designs” that’s because there is!

Lenny & Mark’s handfasting and dancing castle wedding

Take some LARPers, bagpipers, Cercle and Balfolk dancing, a folk band, and a gorgeous green dress and you’ve got a lot to celebrate. you’ve seen Lenny and Mark’s kitteh invitations and Lenny’s brides paint, but you haven’t seen anything yet! Check out this medieval-inspired party in a castle.

Heidi & Kurtis’ Celtic monk elopement dream wedding in Ireland

Hometown wedding got you down? Maybe this couple will inspire you to get away from it all and hire a Celtic monk to officiate your handfasting in Ireland! Lovely cloudy skies, wildflowers, Inis Mor cliffs, and even a visiting horse make this elopement something we all wish we could do. Right now.

Emma & Jon’s sandy, handfasting, Celtic wedding celebration

Down unda, it’s actually summer right now and tropical Darwin, on Australia’s northern coast, is ALWAYS hot. Day 4 of Beach Week will now make all of us freezing are asses off jealous of Emma & Jon’s holy-shit-amazeballs wedding AND the temperature.