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Melinda & Paul’s disability-friendly, southern, sports rivalry wedding

Paul wanted a traditional Catholic wedding, whereas Melinda wanted to let her true colors shine. So they met in the middle and had a Catholic ceremony, followed by a rockin’ reception at the hall next to Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. The best part of the day for Melinda was when she walked without her crutches for the first time in eighteen years!

Joanne & Brian’s gothic and glamorous castle wedding

Last Monday, I showed you a couple who had an owl as a ring bearer. That was just a mini preview of Joanne & Brian’s amazing gothic wedding. They blew the budget and totally did it up, with a fantastic gothic reception including disco in the dungeon! -Coco

Lauren & Madhu’s eco-friendly, handmade, Hindu-Catholic fusion wedding

Lauren & Madhu fused different traditions from both of their religions to create a casual, eco-friendly ceremony that celebrated both faiths. The wedding even inspired Lauren to explore a new career path!

Grace & Mike’s hat-tastic church wedding, with a pirate cruise reception

Although Grace & Mike had traditional nuptial mass there wasn’t much else that was traditional about this wedding.

Vanessa & Adrian’s 1940s, Zoot Suit themed wedding

Here’s another wedding profile with some of our new questions. The Offbeat Bride: Vanessa, Teachers Assistant Her Offbeat Partner: Adrian, Construction Worker Location & date of wedding: Los Angeles and Long Beach, Ca — November 28, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted to have a wedding that reflected both our love of vintage […]

Emily & Dave’s Rainy Cabin Potluck Wedding

The offbeat bride: Emily, Geologist & General Rock Geek Her offbeat partner: Dave, Environmental Consultant Location & date of wedding: The deck of my parent’s cottage in central Alberta, Canada on June 5th, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We both really wanted to have a party with all of our family and friends. The […]