An intimate Beverly Hills courthouse elopement featuring a whole lot of YELLOW

Cullie and Chris recently eloped at the Beverly Hills Courthouse with a celebration that placed a lot of emphasis on YELLOW and we're talking everything from the groom's tie to the bride's roses and carnations! Chris is a collector of graffiti art, and after the ceremony the couple wandered around West Hollywood to take photos against many of the area's fantastically-colored walls.


A sunny picnic wedding with lawn games and love

Carly BishThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them sent over this stunning, sun-soaked picnic wedding and we ate it up. But when we found out that it was held at her childhood home, we knew it was really special to her. See, Carly's brother married Kristin. Kristin's sister, Chaitra (the bride), met and married one of Carly's brother's best friends since childhood, Ryan (the groom). So their meeting (and loving) was inevitable. Sweet story aside, let's get on to the deets: lots of DIY decor, handmade fascinators, picnic blankets as reception tables, lawn games, ribbon wands (perfect for the nearby kitteh)… it's your own virtual vacation.


Heather & Tim's tiny fall guerrilla wedding in the park

Follow those ruby slippers! Loving the simplicity of this ceremony in the park with a brother from each side of this partnership co-officiating before heading back to the couple's apartment to celebrate. The cozy party features lots of beaming faces of all ages — even a quiet moment with their cats.


Make your kitteh an honorary usher

Tribesmaid Onesonicbite and her groom Jon are cat parents and would love to have their kitty be included in the wedding. But bringing a cat to the ceremony would only lead to certain drama and crazy cat overreaction. Onesonicbite is creating an awesome wooden cut-out of her cat Toulouse to guard their program information board!