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Fall in wedding photographer-ly love with Philadelphia’s Thomas Robert Clarke

Keep reading to find out what high school, public radio, and cats have to do with why the “City of Brotherly Love” has fallen in major photographer-ly love for Thomas Robert Clarke.

DIY kitteh wedding invitations, or: why cats don’t make good models

Millennyum thought it would be nice to include their kitty in their wedding by using her for their custom invites. However, a photo shoot with a cat is NOT an easy thing to do. Was all the trouble worth it?

Paying homage to your pets when they have to be MIA on your wedding day

Orbital199 posed a great question about how to incorporate their cat who will not be present on their wedding day. Keep reading to see, and contribute to, the ideas that I came up with.

Brenda & Rob’s sci-fi, eco wedding with a Tardis

As someone who often puts together bride profiles while watching marathons of Doctor Who, Brenda and Rob’s sci-fi tv show-themed, eco friendly wedding with a Tardis really made me happy. Also it’s a first for “costumed wedding cat” that I know of!

I can haz LOL Cat RSVP?

Tribesmaid Erika Fawcett may have made a strategic error with the RSVP cards… Her mother-in-law phoned when she received the wedding invitation to tell her that she doesn’t want to send the RSVP back… because it’s too cute. Now she’s worried this will be a trend. And I think she haz every right to be […]

Hello Kitty wedding

With theme weddings, both spouses need to be fully bought in — like the Star Wars wedding. The last thing you want is for your spouse to look like some sort of thematic afterthought. But the Hello Kitty groom is so obviously fully on-board with the wonderful silliness of this wedding, rocking his ruffled blue tux and oversized shades! It’s all just adorable.