Stephanie & Joe's books and rock 'n' roll castle wedding

Get ready for a gorgeous castle, a handmade winter cape (made by mom!), a lovely moment between the bride and her father, and lots of handmade goodies and details. Add in the book and rock elements and you're in for a super personalized good time. Oh, and just wait until you hear about their surprise hit: the HAIR BAR! I mustache you to look for it…


Liv & Dan's Polish vegan wedding in a castle

Pink details and crystal bling meets castles and Cthulhu. Add in some traditional elements and a bit of Game of Thrones, and you've got a crafty, DIYed wedding to make everyone have a good ol' time. And then there's "Shenanigans Box" and a Stay-Puft Marshmallow man with which to contend. We may not make it out of here, but we'll go down dancing!


Angeline & Kirk's pink boots and kilts castle wedding

Things I love: pink Docs, dudes in kilts, frickin' gorgeous castles… oh lookie here at this wedding with all of these rad things! The bride's sweet memento of her late dad is adorable, too. But the best part is the very long-awaited wedding kiss… but not from the couple you might expect! You have to see how it goes down.


Evelyn & Nathan's quirky Humanist wedding in an Irish castle

Check it: an Irish castle with a ceremony space that looks like it's made of ice, a bar reception with vegan options and an offbeat coordinator, and a Humanist ceremony with "Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Dog." Oh wait, there's also a top hat-wearing stilt walker greeting guests and a giant pink bus for guest transportation. See it now!