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Up your card box’s geek game by using an original Nintendo Entertainment System

Heather and Matt had lots of 8-bit references in their wedding, but our favorite was definitely their Nintendo card box. The best part was their instructions sign that read, “If it does not work on first try, blow on card and reinsert card.” HA. If you don’t get that reference, you’re most likely a youngin’.

This project brings so much retro radness in a small, DIYed package that will appeal to all your old school gamer pals.

Don’t have a vintage suitcase? Use a guitar case card box

Card boxes are a cute lil avenue for you to release some creative wedding energy. We should know — we’ve seen tons of the adorable things y’all have come up with. But let’s say you’re more into the idea of a vintage suitcase than creating your very own Card Monster. If you don’t have the time/energy/finances to seek out an elegant, timeless Samsonite, never fear. Do you know anyone who plays the guitar?

How to make a Portal Companion Cube card box

We were inspired by this post on Craftster to make a Companion Cube card box. And then we found the basis for our templates (to which we made some crucial modifications) over here. But we had to make a bunch of mods to make these work the way we wanted them to, and it was kind of terrifically complex. So I figured in case anyone else wanted to give this a try, I’d post what we did to help ease the process for y’all. So here goes…

Brooke & Jon’s elegantly 8-bit Mario wedding

These two super gamers embraced Super Mario for a pretty damned super, 8-bit-inspired wedding! We’re talking a Mario photo booth complete with props, fire flower bouquets, homemade cupcakes, and even the bride’s kick-ass 1-Up nails! Plus, you’ll love their card box. Let’s just say it involves a piranha plant and some special effect noises.

Do I need a cardbox at my wedding?

So I’ve tried to look up wedding card boxes, and they are these weird things that look like wedding cakes — except on Offbeat Bride, where they most often look like small monsters or TARDIS. (True observation, I swear!)

However, I’m still not sure exactly what a card box is for!

Does wedding DIY save you money?

My fiancé and I are totally excited about including some DIY elements in our wedding, but I am wondering if it makes sense financially. What are your experiences? Did your DIY projects save you money or cost more?