A budtender kept the weed favors legit at this Portland "weeding"

Whitney and John's Christmas tree farm wedding in Portland started out with golf carts, popcorn, and champagne and a sweet outdoor ceremony. It was followed by an amazing family-style dinner in the woods. One interesting tidbit was that it was the first "wedding" in Portland of its kind. They had a weed bar complete with "budtender"! While this isn't for everyone's wedding (hell, it's not even legal in most states!), having a budtender to keep things legal and controlled can be your ticket to an awesome and legal weed bar at your wedding. Let's check out their whole wedding, including the awesome weed bar tent.


Brittany & Louis' rustic farm wedding with the sweetest heat exhaustion moment ever

"Let us never forget the greatest love story ever told started with a mustache." Thus begins the cutest wedding write-up turned fan ever. Between the epic, love letter-reading first look, the tearful father/daughter dance, and the choreographed flash mob, you'll be hooked like whoa. Oh, and wait until you see how a little heat exhaustion became one of the sweetest ceremony moments we've seen.


Reality check: wedding planning isn't SO bad

We have a tag archive here on Offbeat Bride called overcoming adversity, and it's all about couples who've dealt with significant, serious challenges on the path to the altar. Now, I don't mean challenges like, "My divorced parents don't get along; how will I do the seating chart?" or "What if it rains?" Not to diminish the reality of these challenges, but they're just on a different level than, say, "My mother is dying so we threw the wedding together in a month" or "my partner was attacked by a shark."

In the name of perspective shifting and reality checks, let's take a wander through some of our overcoming adversity posts… because there's nothing like cancer, premature babies, peg legs, and tornadoes to help you get your seating chart woes in perspective.


From political messages to Playstations: more fun groom's cakes!

It's that time again! Get your virtual forks out and let's chow down on some more nom-alicious groom's cakes that have been popping up in our Flickr pool! We've got total nerd cakes, a cake with a political message, even a mostly-fake pirate cake made by a bride on the morning of her wedding. And the groom's cake that made me kick myself for not thinking of it first.