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A creative antique store wedding in San Francisco with donuts, a bulldog, & 420

A creative antique store wedding in San Francisco with weed and a donut wall

Fazi and Kalib planned a creative antique store wedding in San Francisco. Wait until you see the very classy cannabis touches and the fully delicious DONUT WALL.

This Colorado wedding inspiration channels sleek color, holiday vibes, and 420-friendly favors

This Denver wedding inspiration channels holiday vibes, a gorgeous clock tower, and 420-friendly favors

The concept of this lovely Denver wedding inspiration was a little 420 mixed in with loads of greenery, tons of glass detail, and a super pared down color palette (lots of green and white with just a bit of purple). It’s elegant, clean, and channels a sleek winter wedding. There’s cannabis included in the bride’s hair and florals as well as a bud-bar, which is getting popular in states where it’s legal, like there in Colorado.

Don’t miss the epic clock tower shots, the chic glass apothecary jars (put candy, treats, favors in there as you like!), and the bedazzled silvery cake…

Chili pepper bouquet

Add a little fire to your style with a chili pepper bouquet!

One of our killer photography vendors, [heart link=""]Altar Image Photography[/heart], captured a hot (literally) chili pepper bouquet that slays. Okay, technically, this was the maid of honor’s bouquet, but who wouldn’t want this to get a little of the spotlight?

A gorgeous Jamaica destination wedding with a ganja rolling station

A stunning Jamaican wedding shoot with a ganja rolling station

Chris and Joan rocked a stunning destination Jamaican wedding at Borghinvilla with a fabulous gown, soaring views, huge floral centerpieces, and a lantern send-off. The recent decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica allowed them a touch of weed in the bouquet, boutonniere, potted plants, cake, pipes, and even a ganja rolling station.

Would you rock this vintage-chic ceramic flower bouquet?

Would you rock this vintage-chic ceramic flower bouquet?

We spied these ceramic flowers for bouquets or centerpieces over on Etsy and can’t wait to see ceramic flower bouquets become a thing. We’ve already seen felt flowers (tutorial here!), paper flowers, crystal flowers, brooch bouquets, even pot bouquets, but as of yet, not that many sculpted beauties have crossed our path.

What say you: are you down for a vintage-style multicolored ceramic flower bouquet or are you sticking with the classics? Share your bouquet (or non bouquet!) plans in the comments!

Pot bouquet as seen on @offbeatbride #cannabis #bouquet #pot

We’re flying high after seeing this pot bouquet perfect for a cannabis wedding

We’ve seen non-floral bouquets of all types like papier-mâché animal bouquets, paper roses, brooch bouquets, mini birdcages, and lanterns, and even offbeat florals like kale bouquets. But now is the time where we’re going to start seeing pot bouquets! Cannibis is taking it’s turn in fabulous wedding greenery and this styled shoot is no exception. Let’s spy the marijuana bouquet, boutonniere, and centerpieces all among the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (where it’s legal!).