Allison & Sage's Buddhist gothic gluten-free wedding

With 90 days to plan their wedding, these two pulled off a fusion of Victorian Gothic and Traditional Taiwanese that will blow your mind. Her beyond-gorgeous kimono and his dapper top hat and cane make for fabulous photos, but their thoughtful buffet of eats-for-all-eaters is a real sight to see, even if they did need help figuring out how to cut the cake. PS: the rally music for paper-crane-folding party? Awesome.


Anna & Jon's family and sweets, hot-day wedding

On a VERY rare blazingly hot day in the UK, this colorful pair donned their respective purple veil and top hat to get married. Their goals were charmingly simple: family, sweets, and color. Oh, and don't forget to check out the giant mob of long-haired and bearded men!


Amber & Trey's nerdy love pop culture wedding

These two couldn't imagine having a personalized wedding without including what they love: Firefly, Harry Potter, Buffy, and X-Men! Even their newly chosen last name is an homage of a favorite character! And for a couple who is seriously camera-shy, they sure know how to work it!