Candy, skulls, and horror movie props: Sounds like it's Halloween on Offbeat Bride

One of my favorite things about Halloween is the candy; you can just imagine how excited I got over Offbeat Bride Leslie's Halloween lollipop bouquet. The bouquet was made from lollipops bought at Candy Warehouse, the sticks are covered in pretty printed tapes. There's more wedding candy, and dark Halloween-themed fun where that came from in this special Halloween week reader round-up!


Teri & Bill's candy-filled children's museum wedding

When life hands you flower allergies, turn those allergies into CANDY! To avoid the flora, this pair opted for candy centerpieces and pinwheel bouquets. Add in a little Star Wars fun, a rad children's museum venue, and this super cute inked-up couple. Don't forget to check out the secret boob shot in one of the museum's games!


Sweet-ass candy wedding accessories

Holy delicious wedding accessories, Batman! If you've been thinking about using candy instead of — or along with — your wedding flowers, you NEED to see these candy wedding accessories.


Devon & Joe's amusement park picnic wedding

Prepare to revisit your favorite amusement park days with this awesomely youthful wedding surrounded by rides, candy, and theme park food. The bride wore an epic corseted fantasy dress and their recessional wasn't just walking out, it was a ride through the haunted house ride! The groom may have forgotten his vows, but trust me, there's enough risque fabulousness in the ceremony to make up for it.