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Wedding invitation wording during covid-19: Maybe, possibly, depending of the state of the plague

Hi Offbeat Bride! I’m getting married to my partner at the end of May 2021. We are hopeful that we will be able to have some sort of reception in May, but with covid-19, who knows. Will we be able to invite 4 people, 20, 50? None? I would love to hear some ideas on wording a “you may or may not, possibly, be invited to our wedding, but we would like you to save the date, for now”-invitation.

We wrote and recorded a song to announce our COVID-delayed wedding

My partner and I were supposed to get married in June… but because of Coronavirus we had to move our date to 2021. In May, we wrote, recorded, and filmed the song together as a little project to announce the postponement to our guests… and to help us feel better.

What’s a thoughtful gift for someone who had to cancel their wedding because of Coronavirus?

A couple weeks ago, Jalila asked us: “What would be a thoughtful gift for a friend and a co-worker who had to cancel their weddings?” Of course no gifts are necessary, but have a suggestion for a win/win gift that helps more than just the couple…

How we got creative with our Big Lebowski Coronavirus wedding cancellations

Our wedding was going to have a loose Lebowski theme, we coined it “the wedding that really tied the room together.” Unfortunately we had to postpone the wedding due to Coronavirus…

Coronavirus canceled her wedding, but couldn’t stop this bride’s retro bridal shoot!

When Seattle costume designer Jamie Von Stratton had to cancel her wedding due to coronavirus, the bummed out bride organized a retro bridal shoot as a balm for her disappointment.

How to postpone or cancel a wedding because of Coronavirus: Step-by-step guide, plus copy ‘n’ paste wording

If you have to cancel or postpost your wedding because of COVID-19, here’s our step-by-step guide about how to do it, complete with copy & paste wording suggestions and templates for emails and wedding websites…