This wood grain cake is our rustic wedding dream cake

I spied this amazing wood grain cake at the wedding of Jalyn and Andrew at Alderbrook Inn and Resort in Union, WA. They had a rustic forest theme with pine cones, slices of logs, bundled wood place cards, and of course, this cake made to look like wood grain. It as like a fancy camp-out in the woods, all at their fingertips.

Let's have an adventure and take a peek at the cake and other rustic woodsy wedding details…


Hey, snitches: 45+ ways to make your Harry Potter weddings MAGIC

Where mah Potterphile bishes at?! You and I have a date with SO MANY Harry Potter wedding details. We're talking snitch cakes, unbreakable vow ring books, house cup decor, wand favors, Hogwarts Express invitations, Daily Prophet programs, and REAL Hedwigs. After all this time will you still love it? Always. Bring this hugh jass Harry Potter wedding roundup to your wedding posse, your wedding planner, your baker, your ring designer, your candlestick maker… anyone who NEEDS to know what kind of Harry Potter wedding details you're looking for. This is the big, ultimate, Harry Potter wedding roundup of your Hogwarts-getting letter dreams.


24-carat style: this gold wedding decor is the real deal

If there's one trend in home decor AND in weddings that I'm seriously digging, it's gold details. I just… love gooooold. What, I can't pull out a 14-year-old reference. Oh fine. At least we can all agree that Missy and Ryan's gold and pink decor is seriously lovely and worthy of ogling while bathing in gold leaf. Or, you know, while just avoiding work at your desk. Let's peek at their 24-carat-themed gold wedding decor.