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Valery & Jon’s buttons and games sweet tooth wedding

These two love sweets, their pug, buttons, Dexter, and each other. Take all these elements, put them in an awesome neon-clad venue, and get the games going. Just try and keep those kiddies from shooting straight for DA CANDEH BAR!

Casey & Ari’s cultural mish-mash autumn wedding

This week we’re celebrating our awesome Offbeat Lite couples. This time we have a fall-colored wedding with lots of cultural elements and some crazy dancing. They even had a Best Dame and a Flower Tween. But beware of falling brides during the horah.

Stacy & Bob’s handmade bluegrass talent show wedding

Reunited after decades apart, this pair opted for a casual and very musical talent-fest and DIY bonanza. And Stacy has photos to back up all the crafty goodness. The proof is in the pics!

Make your own limited edition wedding buttons for your biggest fans

I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first? The bad news? Okay. The equipment you need to make buttons costs about $300. Gulp. But the GOOD news is that once you have it, you can make 1” buttons for only pennies each! So affordable!

Karen & Jon’s granny-tastic wedding decor will make your heart flutter

Karen described her wedding color pallet as “granny-tastic,” drawing her inspiration from vintage fabrics and floral prints. Some of these details are so adorable I want to scream.

How to make semi-kanzashi style fabric flowers (part 2)

Tribe member Midgetgem has three different and equally awesome fabric flower making tutorials. So please to enjoy part two of a three part, fabric flower series and keep an eye out for part three in the upcoming weeks! -Megs