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Julie & Matthew’s retro polka dots and pinwheels wedding

Pink and red with polka dots and pinwheels all over gives this Denver wedding a bit of a retro and a lot of ADORABLE. Add in some LEGO touches, a successful venue swap (due to a major flood!), and loads of DIY, and you’ll be all in. Oh, and you’ll never guess how the bride used Lady Gaga to surprise her dad!

Lydia & Johan’s metal-inspired relaxed wedding (with skits!)

A little heavy metal, some geeky references, a custom Etsy dress, and a lot of friends contributing to the fun… sounds like a wedding made for our readers. This bride also learned to put down the wedding magazines and totally embrace a lack of control on the wedding day. Plus, a certain Dutch tradition of performing skits will totally amaze you.

Express yourself with DIY fancified shoe clips

Lari dressed up her heels with these DIY buttons that said “Hell Yes!” You could do the same with a simple button maker and some shoe clips.

A funky and colorful craft museum wedding

Funky, colorful, and personalized was the goal for this celebration of Mary and Carl. It was intended to be outdoors, but the backup rain plan had to be used! Good thing the indoor space was awesome. Mauryn Kkira at Creative Wedding Solutions handled the design, decor, and custom centerpieces at this colorful and bookish wedding.

From plastic to fantastic: How to make your own sew-on buttons

You can do tiny buttons, giant buttons, square buttons, buttons shaped like dinosaurs — whatever you can think of, you can make. Want some dainty blue butterflies down the back of your gorgeous white ball gown? Can do. Want some larger gears for your steampunk ensemble? Can do. Want some old skool Nintendo gamepads? Can do. Sky’s the limit. And here’s how to pull it off…

Paisley & Dougie’s crafty picnic nerdstravaganza wedding

Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi vows, games, the Time Warp… it’s a geek’s paradise! After finding the venue by putting a note on the door, these two planned a local garden wedding to whet every gamer’s appetite. And don’t think this bride isn’t up for the challenge when she forgets her vows at home!