From plastic to fantastic: How to make your own sew-on buttons

You can do tiny buttons, giant buttons, square buttons, buttons shaped like dinosaurs — whatever you can think of, you can make. Want some dainty blue butterflies down the back of your gorgeous white ball gown? Can do. Want some larger gears for your steampunk ensemble? Can do. Want some old skool Nintendo gamepads? Can do. Sky's the limit. And here's how to pull it off…


Kate & Justin's beach and buttons veggie wedding

On top of the couple's awesome ink and gorgeous venue (with carousel!), there was also a beach just made for dipping. Not only did the groom's guys take the plunge, the bride ended up swimming too, dress and all! With a button-y bouquet and vegetarian menu, this was never destined to be your typical beach-side soiree.


Riss & Rick's black and white New Orleans wedding

As fans of New Orleans and also of smaller weddings, this pair found a destination wedding to be ideal. In Jackson Square, under the shade of the palms, Bloody Mary wielded her Wiccan wonders on the ceremony that included voodoo dolls and burning parchment. After that, it was party time.


Kisså & Todd's morning garden party wedding

These two had awesome goals: stress-free day, guests enjoying their "quirky little world," and be comfortable. They managed all of that while still creating a beautiful outdoor ceremony and cozy party with a bunch of touching moments and lots of blissed-out looks. It's happy-sappy and I looove it.