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This category might be called “butch,” but of course it’s filled with folks who identify in all sorts of ways: masculine het brides, genderqueer couples, tomboys, and more. We celebrate all identities and have posts about lesbian weddings, transgender weddings, gay weddings, and bisexuality, as well as non-binary gender identity issues.

Kristin & Tracy’s crafty, fun, Eggstra special wedding

By having their wedding at a cool breakfast restaurant, Kristen and Tracy not only found a beautiful, affordable venue but also a theme: Eggs! Here is their “Eggciting, Eggstra special, Eggstravaganza” complete with dashing butch-bride tux, Egg bouquets, tear-jerking equality speech from Mom, Bride Bingo for the kids and the most awesomest wedding party t-shirts evar.

Brides in pants

While of course I couldn’t cover every single breed of offbeat in the book (snowboard brides got short shrift, and transgender Buddhists were completely ignored), writing about brides in pants is actually something I really wish I’d included. In my poking around online I found a fair amount of inspiration for brides who wish to go the pants route, and even some awesome indie vendors…