'Stina & Graham's DIY country ranch wedding

This pair tackled tons of DIY projects, battled some very inconsistent weather, and had to cater a party in the middle of the country. But you'd never know these were even challenges when you see the awesome Mexican catering, the cool ambiance (event producer groom FTW!), and the lovely weather. These photos give off one theme more than any other: FUN.


Psyche & Legend's colorful queer Burner campout wedding

This pair crafted an epic weekend-long celebration of their love with lots of color, lots of wet and cold camping, a eleven-year-old's rendition of "White Wedding," and even gift bags representing the 10 principles of Burning Man. Plus, you'll love the bride's totally apt choice of reading.


Nancy & Chris' electric ethereal fiery wedding

With a Burning Man ethic firmly in tow, this pair longed for a wedding with atmosphere — places to chill, awesome electric house music, and lots of spirituality. What they delivered was exactly that. Plus, they had fire dancers, which always makes the night complete.