Steampunk burners meet family-friendly party at Liz & Chris' wedding

Steampunk and burner couples: do you want to incorporate what you love in a conservative-friendly way? This wedding is the perfect model. Don't miss the copper pipe centerpieces, copper table numbers, cog-shaped favors made of seed paper, steampunk customized Nerf guns and foamboard props for the photobooth, and the amazing cake topper.


Lacey & David's Mad Hatter garden tea party with an umbrella canopy

Finding inspiration from a Burning Man installation at one of their favorite places, Black Rock City, led to this visual spectacle: glowing umbrellas, fantastical Alice in Wonderland-inspired garb, and DIYed decor galore. Feast your eyes on the first whimsical ceremony, and then get ready for the ethereal second evening ceremony at Burning Man!


Can you handle a Burning Man wedding? Use this flow chart to find out…

We're having our wedding ceremony at Burning Man. At first I wrote out this really lengthy email, trying to explain what Burning Man is to a bunch of people who have no clue. It was a giant wall of text that got completely out of control (it's so hard to explain!). I knew I had to trim it down to the basics. Here is the Decision Flow Chart I made for our friends and family to determine if they want to/are able to come to our Burning Man wedding ceremony…