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While some of these were actual Black Rock City weddings, lots of them are burners who got married elsewhere, and brought the playa to their wedding days.

"It's the Super Moon, bruh" at this Spaceship Earth forest rave wedding

“It’s the Super Moon, bruh” at this Spaceship Earth forest rave wedding

We met at a Full Moon Gathering campout, Moontribe's 20th anniversary. It was a fantastic weekend and we heard echoed throughout the party, "It's the Super Moon, bruh" as the explanation for the awesomeness everywhere. Five years later, still following cosmic novelties and electronic music, we trekked to Oregon for the Solar Eclipse festival Symbiosis. Josh proposed during the eclipse with the solar ring as my engagement ring! We carried this theme through our engagement shoot and wedding.

A Medieval camping festival wedding (aka Game of Thrones meets Burning Man meets Asian customs!)

We wanted an outdoorsy, Game of Thrones meets Burning Man meets Asian customs wedding. It opened with a "Red Army" parade: a parade of our closest friends with banners, drums, bubbles, and flowers! The groom, Nick, also read family vows to my daughter. We had 300 pounds of meat (because we both love food), belly dancers, live music, fire performers, and a bounce house!

Chile, Burning Man, and coastlines merge at this multicultural anniversary session

Chile, Burning Man, and coastlines merge at this multicultural anniversary photo shoot

This couple had a multicultural anniversary photo shoot that drew inspiration from Burning Man, the Chilean circus culture to focus on something organic and natural. They incorporated both forest and ocean imagery to represent their backgrounds. Don’t miss all the color, textures, and quirkiness that represented their respective cultures including the handmade hat and headpiece, as well as the parasol, which had little hearts, typical from the Aymara from the north of Chile.

We heart this wedding at Burning Man

Major heart eyes for this Indian wedding at Burning Man

In the middle of the playa amid dust and love, Avni and Pavan rocked their most awesome outfits (a short white dress and white mehndi for her, a floral jacket and rad sunnies for him) to get married. This Indian wedding at Burning Man had an intimate feel despite it being at a hugh-jass festival of art and culture. If you’re not familiar with it, this archive will help.

Let’s peek at this gorgeous couple making it official in the desert of Nevada with their awesomely-clad pals…

A unicorn wedding with burning love on the playa

Two weddings: one backyard poolside shindig followed by a Burning Man, unicorn-themed wedding on the playa. Though they may have run into issues with their officiant, making the ceremony… unique, the artwork, vows, and awesome costumes make up for it like whoa. Don’t miss the lollipop bouquet, gorgeous headpiece, and sweet unicorn cake.

One Burning Man wedding you can't miss as seen on @offbeatbride

A dagger to the throat ritual: this is one Burning Man wedding you can’t miss

Metzalli and Chris’ Burning Man wedding is a sight to behold, but the symbols and rituals they employed were truly fascinating, including a dance to their ancestors and a ritual where they held a dagger to each others’ necks as a symbol of trust. Let’s read (and see!) all about it.