10 super-obvious things I forgot to add to my wedding budget

When I started planning my wedding, I scoured the web for as many budget breakdowns as I could find. I made spreadsheets and included everything I could think of, in super-granular detail. I thought I had thought of everything I could possibly think of. I was wrong! Here are some things I discovered I had not budgeted for, despite looking at dozens of online sample budgets…


A party that could save your wedding? In defense of STAG & DOE parties

For those not in the know, these parties are a fundraiser for engaged couples. The idea is that attendees pay an admission (usually around $10-$15), and play games that are designed to make some money for the couple getting married (think dollar dances, coin toss games, raffles, etc). Don't get me wrong, I get how some people may be weirded out by this idea. But I think about it this way…


6 ways to stay positive with a tight wedding budget

My fiancé Ryan proposed to me the day after he graduated with his bachelor’s degree. We have been together for seven years, and both of us are eager to start our life together. But we also knew that with him working part time and job hunting, we would have to keep ourselves on a tight budget. Throughout the wedding planning process, we’ve learned six lessons that have helped keep our cash, and our goals, in check..


Tacky weddings: How to not like things, and not be a dick about it

Way back in 2011, I wrote about the shock some folks can experience when their wedding goes viral. The sad truth is that this a perennial topic, because, well, the internet loves to snark about weddings. Even if your wedding doesn't go the full Buzzfeed viral, there's always the chance that members of, say, a board focused on wedding etiquette might be mortified, and link to it, and the comments might get flooded with negativity.

This happened a few weeks ago…


How we worded the invitations for our crowdsourced wedding

We have decided to crowdfund our wedding. It won't pay for everything, but it does mean we can focus on having a good time rather than scrimping and saving on every little thing. The tricky part was wording everything right on the invitations, so we didn't come off as stingy or cheap. I wrote a little poem to explain the crowdfunding. If anyone wants it, they can steal it…


Show me the money! Here's my wedding budget breakdown

My wedding in total cost roughly £13,500 which I believe is the bottom end of average here in the UK, and was largely thanks to the very kind support of my parents. Here's where the money went on my wedding, a few points to consider, and my big tips for budgeting for your wedding.