How we're making peace with our no bells and whistles wedding in the WIC pressure cooker

Planning a budget-friendly, streamlined wedding that doesn't feature all the "bells and whistles" of traditional weddings is not without its judgments and that's where my recent stress has been coming in. Wedding planning forums can make you question if your wedding is going to be remembered as the "worst wedding ever," your ideas suck, and it's all going to be tacky, especially if you are cutting some corners, budget-wise. Here's how we're handling the pressure.


Real weddings for people who have "zero money" for their wedding budget

I could go on and on about us and how awesome your site is for people like us but here’s the real deal: we really have zero money for this. I just bought a house and we will have the wedding there — venue is covered — but the rest? The sites I can find for “budget” or “diy” wedding don’t share my definition of “budget” or “diy.” The “Broke-ass Bride” had an $8,000 budget. On my scale, that is not “broke-ass.”

Can you point me to an example of something from actually nothing? Please help!


No Daddy Warbucks, no problem: How to pay for a wedding yourself without going into debt

We are long past the times of the brides' parents paying for the wedding, especially if you are both coming from middle-class families as most of us are. If you do have a Daddy Warbucks more power to you. For those of us who don't, who pays for these lavish soirees? How can people afford these things without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips to help you pay for a wedding yourself with a budget…