Allison & Sage's Buddhist gothic gluten-free wedding

With 90 days to plan their wedding, these two pulled off a fusion of Victorian Gothic and Traditional Taiwanese that will blow your mind. Her beyond-gorgeous kimono and his dapper top hat and cane make for fabulous photos, but their thoughtful buffet of eats-for-all-eaters is a real sight to see, even if they did need help figuring out how to cut the cake. PS: the rally music for paper-crane-folding party? Awesome.


Lucy & Dan's vintage vegan Buddhist wedding

This couple collected vintage plates and tablecloths to adorn a sweet little village hall, did a whole lot of DIY, and created a really cool earthy feel. Add in their Buddhist ceremony, vegan reception, and "Who's Who" board (with baby photos of everyone!), and it's a personalized party with panache.


Vanessa & Jason's Chinese martial arts New Mexican wedding

This pair went all-out on traditions by including lots of lovely moments from their cultures and interests. This included a tea ceremony, martial arts performances, a lion dance, an anniversary dance, and Spanish serenades. It would have been amazing to attend and see all of these carefully crafted elements come together to form this elaborate party. Plus the bride had three dresses, which is AWESOME!


Jenny & Damon's quirky steampunk Buddhist wedding

There are a lot of things to love about this wedding like the bride's silver and blue dress, the groom's monocle and cane, and the surprising sake ceremony. But frankly, I'm in it for the doughnut cake and glow sticks. There is definitely something for everyone at this creative shindig.