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YAY BEST DAY EVER: Shana & Jessica’s glitter-fied backyard rock ‘n’ roll wedding

On day two of Pride Week we have Shana & Jessica. They wanted a wedding that resembled their lives: shiny, silly, loud, musical, glittery and full of the people they love. If that doesn’t tell you enough about the two, they wore their dresses again, to a Lady Gaga concert. Loves it! -Coco

Katie & Steve’s Red Ballooned, Lovely Meadow, Vow Renewal

The Offbeat Bride: Katie, owner of A Sense of Place Photography/Actess/Poet Her Offbeat Partner: Steve, Sailor/Husband/Poet Location & date of wedding: A lovely meadow on the San Fransisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona — May 24th, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: I planned the entire wedding all by myself for the most part while we were […]

Katie & Clinton’s Photo-tastic Family Fun Farm Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Katie, Photographer & Teacher (aka. KatieMalone on the Offbeat Bride Tribe.) Her Offbeat Partner: Clinton, Glass Blower Location & date of wedding: A farm in Berkshire County, MA. — August 23, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was perfectly us in every detail. We knew we wanted a fun country […]

Bri & Ian’s Stress-Free Celebration of Love and Vegan Pastries!

The offbeat bride: Bri, Pastry Chef-in training and Ex-Weather Forecaster Her offbeat partner: Ian, Computer Nerd and Library Lover Location & date of wedding: The Fremont Troll (ceremony) in Seattle, WA and Ian’s sister’s backyard (reception) in Seattle, WA on September 5th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: I proposed to Ian in December of […]