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Wedding bubbles are back, baby! 5 ways to bubble-ize your wedding

Wedding bubbles are back, baby! 5 ways to bubble-ize your wedding

We’ve seen tea lights, sparklers and donut walls, but the latest throwback trend is a firm childhood favorite — bubbles! But how can you use bubbles to create a perfect touch, rather than just a cheesy nostalgic wave to your youth?

From confetti alternatives to your first dance, here are five ways to use bubbles on your wedding day…

Open thread: are there safer wish lantern alternatives for a nighttime send-off?

We got a question about safer alternatives to wish lanterns. We’ve talked a lot about alternative send-offs in general, including some biodegradable options like those from Wish Lantern. What wish lantern alternatives (or safer wish lanterns) would you guys suggest for a nighttime send-off?

Lily & Chris’ double happiness rock ‘n’ roll two wedding weekend

It’s one thing to take on a big wedding; it’s a whole other thing to plan two back-to-back ceremonies and parties! But once you see the retro fashion, Asian-inspired details, Chinese dancing lions, and sweet band tribute from the groom, you’ll totally agree that it’s a double happiness moment. OH, and a ceremonial martial arts board breaking by the bride? It happened — twice.

A Nigerian ceremony, lip-trembling first looks, and some amazing hair

Tribesmaid Revedehautbois and her groom Olawale had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony that included these amazing outfits (and gorgeous fan). And while this photo was a great find in the Offbeat Bride Tribe, the lovely photo opportunities just kept on coming.

Anne-Louise & Jon’s casually elegant party with bubbles and a tango

They may not be professional tango dancers or always remember to plug in the bubble machine, but these two know how to throw a party in the spirit of their house-warming parties of the past. After ten years together, they really didn’t know how much two years of planning would strengthen their relationship, but we’re very glad it did.

Seven rice tossing and send-off alternatives for a very dramatic exit

Looking for alternatives to rice throwing at the end of your ceremony or reception? Glad you asked. Here are some bitchin’ ways to give your guests a reason to throw stuff at your face. You know they want to…