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brunch wedding

We’ve got brunch wedding menus, real brunch weddings, and even a few “breakfast for dinner” weddings tucked in this archive. Also, be sure to check out our posts about morning weddings.

Tasha & Andrew’s fun, elegant, mustache extravaganza wedding

The offbeat bride: Tasha, Customer Service Her offbeat partner: Andrew, Art Gallery Director Location & date of wedding: The Balcony on Dock St., Wilmington, NC — 10/25/2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We made our wedding offbeat by keeping the decorations simple, but with tons of personal touches. We actually had three beach houses on […]

Dancing at a dry wedding

“I’m going to marry a wonderful man who is a recovering addict and has been clean for over 8 years. Alcohol at the wedding will be a HUGE no-no. What can I do to get people on the dance floor and to have fun without the aid of beer?”

3 ways to have a dance-free wedding reception

As a retired raver, I simply can’t imagine not dancing — but if you don’t like dancing, there’s nothing worse than hosting a miserable, requisite dance floor that you spend the whole night avoiding. Luckily for you, there are lots of non-dancing options for your guests …