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Erin & Jay’s queer Jewish Dominican wedding

This pair has an awesomely diverse community willing to celebrate and totally donate their time and energy into making this wedding rock. And boy, did it. In addition to the bride’s handmade dress (out of a sari!) and groom’s kick-ass suit, there was wedding party aisle dancing, ukulele toasts, and a giant group hug right after the ceremony.

Live rock music and a little black dress at this Brooklyn wedding

Kristen and Charlie threw their own kind of rock wedding including a live band, lots of tattoos, and a piñata at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. Charlie’s band played, Kristen wore black, and everyone rocked out.

Lovesick Expo returns to the East Coast this January!

Lovesick Expo — the wedding expo for the cool at heart, and our fabulous sponsor — is back and it’s coming to Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston this January! So here are all the whens, hows, and wheres that’ll get you to the expo and kick your planning into high gear…

Top hats and tails at this Brooklyn Winery wedding

After 17 years together, Tony and Michael were married at St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, NY. With bagpipe accompaniment, lots of wine, and two men in top hats and tails, it was bound to be a superb celebration.

Rebecca Belle, New Jersey’s wedding photographer with a built-in celebration

Do you love ANY excuse to celebrate? Do you also wish your wedding festivities wouldn’t have to end at the close of your wedding date? Then New Jersey’s Rebecca Belle Photography is perfect wedding photographer. Keep reading about the wedding photographer with the post-wedding party built in to her contract.

3 reasons offbeat couples LOVE Brooklyn’s De Nueva Photography

You know a vendor is doing something right when over 60% of their clients are offbeat brides! And that’s exactly how our sponsor De Nueva Photography rolls. Nicki, of De Nueva, loves working with offbeat couples because she knows that y’all are laid-back, super creative, and generally just tons of fun, which then equals fabulous photos. Or, in her words, “I know it’s awesome-ness in the making.”

If you wanna make some awesomeness with De Nueva Photography AND take advantage of the offbeat discount, keep reading…