Rick & Emma's giant sci-fi rock 'n' roll wedding

This pair brings the house down at their huge wedding with live bands, sci fi details (including an amazing photo booth!), gorgeous music hall venue, and even a Klingon love poem at the ceremony. PLUS, the groom planned the wedding himself and has the battle scars to prove it. Check out this space age dance party in Brooklyn.


6 unique wedding venues that are going to make you wet your pants a little

As you may have heard, the Lovesick Expo is embarking on a nationwide tour alongside our professional besties at Offbeat Bride. Our goal has always been to bring the most creative couples and wedding vendors together under one roof to show the best, most creative wedding talent in each city — beyond the Google searches and reality TV shows. Since you may be on the venue hunt, and we've already done the legwork by scouring New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver, we thought we'd put together this little profile of six of the best venues in the nation!


Lady Zombie & Ali Fangsmith's romantic subculture bash with fangs, leather, and fur

If the title alone didn't already get you clickin' hardcore to see this wedding, let me fill you in a little bit more: leather corsets (well, leather everywhere, really), a life force exchanging unity ceremony, and tons of romantic gushing and sexy gothic snuggles. Oh, and if you need to excuse yourself after witnessing the extremely hot fanged garter removal, nobody here will blame you. Whew.


A swanky Brooklyn loft wedding with inked-up brides

Two white gowns + two hot ladies = too much for us to handle. The backdrop to this swank event was an old tobacco factory-turned-loft space, Deity Lounge in Brooklyn. The must-sees: lots of ink, personalized cake pops (get in my mouf), and some truly epic accessory bling. Plus, they had matching ring finger tattoos which were in addition to their rings, not instead.


A chic rock 'n' roll Brooklyn wedding

Nicki and Chris had their wedding at My Moon, a chic industrial space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They arrived in a trolley for the gorgeous rooftop ceremony, and then brought the party inside to rock the night away. With musical touches like a cymbal guest book, musical notes place cards, and vinyl centerpieces, they were the rock stars of the night.


Erin & Jay's queer Jewish Dominican wedding

This pair has an awesomely diverse community willing to celebrate and totally donate their time and energy into making this wedding rock. And boy, did it. In addition to the bride's handmade dress (out of a sari!) and groom's kick-ass suit, there was wedding party aisle dancing, ukulele toasts, and a giant group hug right after the ceremony.