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From Hogwarts to NYC: a Brooklyn Harry Potter wedding

From Hogwarts to NYC: a Brooklyn Harry Potter wedding

When it comes to a bad-ass Brooklyn bar wedding, it only makes sense to make it Harry Potter-themed! Wait, what? Yep, this pair not only had a Brooklyn Harry Potter wedding, but they made it WORK. Pink hair, chocolate frogs, Honeydukes lollipops, Bertie Botts every flavor beans, A Daily Prophet program, wands for all guests, handmade potion bottle vases, a bouquet made out of Harry Potter books and charms, golden snitch cake pops, and more. Whether you love urban chic weddings or just magic, this one is for you…

A gold dress wedding with karaoke, and tacos all wrapped up in fairy lights

A gold dress wedding + karaoke + tacos + fairy lights

Jenny and Dean’s wedding was a dream of fairy lights and over 200 candles. Jenny’s gold dress lit up the room even more, and when paired with Dean’s blue suit, was vaguely reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast! The reception featured guest karaoke with tons of dancing. Don’t miss the coloring book guest book, taco bar at the reception, and loads of sweet cuppin’ cakes.

Janeria & Dwayne’s Halloween pop-up wedding in Brooklyn

This couple rocked a gorgeous arch in Brooklyn for their customized pop-up ceremony and then transformed into Jack Skellington and Sally for their Halloween-themed reception! Excited yet? Don’t miss the DIYed spooky decor, the gorgeous white jacket on the bride, and the amazingly delicious-looking Halloween-themed dessert table.

Risa & Jon’s purple-corseted, gender-quirked, barefoot wedding

This pair wanted to have everything either be reused or reusable, including their AMAZING outfits. They also wanted an event that reflected their maker-style, love for public areas and green space, and geeky aesthetic. So they ended up with a melange of aspects from wine and beer making, the NYC subway, and science-fiction and fantasy.

The venue disaster turned miracle: Julie & Chris’ rebooked dinosaur NYC wedding

You may recall a venue in New York City closing down and taking with it a lot of money from distraught couples. We heard all about it (and about wedding insurance) from this couple right here. Now we’ve got the whole wedding story complete with amazing venue savior and awesome dinosaur details.

Anya & Lu’s colorful allergy-friendly Brooklyn beergarten wedding

This nearly “bubble-girl” bride has lots of allergies, but made the food her own with nut-free, gluten-free, and shellfish-free catering. But it’s the amazing ceremony space, hilarious knot-tying story, and teary groom photos that get us straight in the heart.