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brooch bouquet

We love all sorts of non-floral bouquets but brooch bouquets pack a special punch… the family heirlooms, the sparkle, the sheer WEIGHT of these alternative bouquets!

Brooke & Jon’s elegantly 8-bit Mario wedding

These two super gamers embraced Super Mario for a pretty damned super, 8-bit-inspired wedding! We’re talking a Mario photo booth complete with props, fire flower bouquets, homemade cupcakes, and even the bride’s kick-ass 1-Up nails! Plus, you’ll love their card box. Let’s just say it involves a piranha plant and some special effect noises.

Build your brooch bouquet with the help of your friends and family

Thinking of putting together a brooch bouquet for your wedding, but not sure where to get all the brooches? Or maybe you want a sweet way to incorporate all your friends into your wedding? You can do both if you ask your friends to gift you brooches for your wedding shower!

Kitten and Lou’s drag king weds burlesque queen extravaganza

Susanna and Ricki, aka Kitten and Lou, are a drag king and a burlesque queen in lurve. After meeting on stage and falling in love while performing in an Atomic Bombshells revue, they have become the world’s showbusiest couple. Since Washington passed Referendum 74, they knew it was time to get hitched… in some serious style. A little camp, a lot of glam, and a hell of a lot of performances, it is a confetti and balloon-festooned show not to be missed.

Bethany & Shawn’s geeky retro aviation museum wedding

Let me just leave this here: Adventure Time cake, custom manga shoes, retro pin-up style, and a killer aviation museum venue. We can’t even get over the CAKE! You have to see it. Plus, all the awesome group shots in the museum and the sweet kissy-face shots. And let’s not forget the whispered naughty secrets during the portrait session in the comic book store!

Mandy & Douglas’ forest masquerade handmade wedding

This bride’s DIY skills are MAD! She made so many of the outfits including her own black and white striped, purple reception gown (which fit amazingly well into their masquerade-themed reception!). Don’t miss the paper flower decor, the forest-y venue, the sexiest boots, and the tiniest aisle-walker ever!

Kim & Dan’s beach wedding with a superhero twist

Yarn ball centerpieces, lots of pops of color, superhero Pez dispensers, and wedding-themed comic covers — this is going to be a superhero win! Add in the awesome trolley transport, gorgeous beach setting, and retro style, and you’ll be done for. Oh, and you’ll never guess what happened with the reception photos! A talented guest was the last-minute save.