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brooch bouquet

We love all sorts of non-floral bouquets but brooch bouquets pack a special punch… the family heirlooms, the sparkle, the sheer WEIGHT of these alternative bouquets!

Brooch bouquet perfection and so much more from Lionsgate Designs

Colorado wedding venue Lionsgate Center has a nifty little secret side business — Lionsgate Designs creates unique wedding brooch bouquets for brides and their bridesmaids. And they’re breathtaking…

How to DIY your own brooch bouquet

Making a brooch bouquet is a fairly simple project, but requires a wee bit of time. So arm yourself with shiny brooches and earrings, and let’s go!

Cat’s animal-themed brooch bouquet

Remember a while ago when we blew everyone’s mind with the bouquet made from vintage brooches and baubles? Well, guess who shot a wedding where the bride carried an animal-themed brooch bouquet! I did! The bride, Cat, found all the pieces herself, mostly from Goodwills (she admitted to me that her talents do not lie […]

Bouquet made from vintage brooches and baubles

How’s this for the ultimate bouquet alternative for a vintage-loving bride? This bouquet, made by Studio del Fiore in Portland, OR, is crafted from roughly 75 vintage brooches, earrings, and rings. As notes, this is “a sweet way to incorporate meaningful family gems and jewels into your wedding day.” Lots more information over here, […]