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brooch bouquet

We love all sorts of non-floral bouquets but brooch bouquets pack a special punch… the family heirlooms, the sparkle, the sheer WEIGHT of these alternative bouquets!

Custom gifts and accessories with your own photos from Jerseymaids

For those of you looking for awesome gifts for your wedding party, you’re gonna wanna get acquainted with our sponsor Jerseymaids. Jerseymaids gives you a range of gifts and accessories with her dreamy Polaroid photography flair or with your very own photos.

Stacy & Bob’s handmade bluegrass talent show wedding

Reunited after decades apart, this pair opted for a casual and very musical talent-fest and DIY bonanza. And Stacy has photos to back up all the crafty goodness. The proof is in the pics!

Sara & Nick’s majestic movies wedding

Say hello to my little friends, Sara and Nick. They have Fight Club invites, Pulp Fiction twist contests, movie quote photo booths — this wedding makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

Kara & Shawn’s Royal Tenenbaums movie theater wedding

“I’m not talking about veils and birdseed and cutesy-wootsy! I’m talking about taking it out and choppin’ it up!” A hitchhiking bride and her main squeeze chop up a wedding at a retro movie theater that would make Wes Anderson proud.

Cindy & Kris’ vintage multicultural multicolored beach wedding

What’s red, gold, green, teal and covered in peacock feathers and henna? This awesome Nepali-multicultural extravaganza! Just try not loving the brooch bouquet, I dare you.

Monday Montage: hot tattoos, splashes of red and florals

Now that Halloween week is over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programing. This week’s Monday Montage has a red over-tone to it. Along with the red, you’ll see lots of tattoos, a couple of incredible non-floral bouquets, and some SUPER HOT red dresses.