Angela & Ty's international seaside elopement

Relieve your wedding planning stress by basking in the easy-going glow of this Vancouver elopement. No mess, no stress (except for a teeny shoe snafu!), and this sweet elopement of two lovers from two countries will warm your hearts. Mint details, a seaside venue, a super helpful marriage commissioner — it's a story of long-distance that will make you root for these two.


Lacey & Vinod's vegan, peacock, 1920s wedding

We are loving this intimate waterfront ceremony that includes readings from the moms, a loving moment of silence for a lost brother, and a little floofy pooch ring bearer who served as reading inspiration. On top of that, this pair decided to go total Gatsby with a 1920s-themed reception! A placid lake meets a rockin' party and we wouldn't want it any other way. Just wait until you see the peacock tights and art deco cake!


Laura & Jason's rainbow sacred circle potluck wedding

With a desire to keep things eco-friendly, unplugged, and ultra-fun, this outdoor celebration totally embraces low-key loveliness. Add in some rainbow decor, a wildly-dressed and winged games master, and even a talent show, and you've got yourself totally accessible party fun times for all ages.


A laid-back cliff-side wedding in British Columbia

There's something so laid-back and relaxing about Emily and Vicki's cliff-side wedding at Eagles Nest Retreat in Galiano Island, British Columbia. Maybe it's how everyone looks so chill and goofy-happy (and they're wearing flip-flops, popping corks, and dranking blue cocktails!). They also gave out homemade wine as wedding favors, because they know what the people want. Butterfly Photography was there to capture all their giggly goodness.


Dawn & Benjamin's off-the-grid forest handfasting

This pair both studied sustainability at a gorgeous venue on Cortes Island, BC, so it only made sense to bring their loved ones there to celebrate their marriage. And those same guests pulled together to provide tons of help in preparing for this camp-out wedding in the forest. But the best part of all is the bride's HAND-PAINTED dress! You have to see it.