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Aesthetic vs. identity: how cool are you with changing your look as a bridesmaid?

Remember this post about how to be an offbeat bridesmaid in a traditional wedding and where to draw the line with changing your look to suit the bride’s wishes? If you’re reading this site, chances are you’ve been there. Maybe more than once. We’ve got some follow-up real talk from reader Vanda that we needed to share…

Bridesmaid berets as seen on @offbeatbride

Would your bridesmaids rock BERETS?!

Are you loving these bridesmaid berets as much as I am? They’re from one of my favorite weddings, Ellen and Chris’ Moonrise Budapest Hotel Kingdom: A very Wes Anderson wedding. They had a ton of awesome movie-themed and vintage details that we wanted to call out. But this wedding party detail is one way Ellen tied all of her mismatched bridesmaid styles together.

Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew in white!

Want to stand out in a dark wedding dress? Have your crew wear light colors!

If you’ll be rocking a dark wedding dress (especially if you’re a Halloween bride!), you might be worried about standing out in the crowd. My suggestion? Follow Stephanie’s lead and ask your wedding party to dress in a white or a lighter color. I am so digging the black-meets-champagne aesthetic going on here…

Disney princess bridesmaids from Unique Vintage as seen on @offbeatbride #disney #wedding

Someday our Disney princess bridesmaids will come…

I spied this collection of super adorable, super affordable, and amazingly Disney-inspired outfits over at one of my fave shopping haunts, Unique Vintage. It’s appropriately named The Happiest Collection on Earth. In addition to being amazing bride fashion fodder, it just screamed Disney princess bridesmaids!

These vintage travel cases are the bouquet alternative of our dreams

These vintage travel cases are the bouquet alternatives of our wanderlust dreams

We featured the sweetest vintage travel-themed wedding featuring flight attendant-inspired bridesmaids, vintage airmail favors filled with candy from around the world, and so many map and globe details we couldn’t even count. Don’t miss the bride’s map shoes! It was a wanderlusting dream. But how could we ignore the FANTASTIC non-floral “bouquets” held by the bridesmaids: vintage travel cases! They made for some of our most favorite wedding party shots ever. Let’s spy the many retro-fabulous vintage travel cases that Marvyl’s bridesmaids carried to pitch-perfect effect.

5 things to do when your best friend said no to being in the wedding

About three days after getting engaged, I texted my best friend to quickly confirm that he would, indeed, be in my wedding party. His response was… not what I was expecting. Here’s how I dealt with it.

In a sadness tailspin, I reached out to my future husband, who was in the midst of a two hour work meeting. So I reached out to my ex-husband (who knows our relationship the best of anyone) and he had some awesome advice for anyone who has a best friend that said no to being in your wedding party…